Does She Like Me Or Is She Just Being Nice – How To Find It?

“Does she like me or is she just being nice”?thousands of guys painfully ponder on this perennial question every single day (even every single hour) because they are confused and do not dare to go ahead with their second guessing. Most of the boys will pick up the signs in a negative sense and will fail to find out the right feeling she has for him. A girl being sexually interested to a guy and being friendly are different. The problems arise when a guy gets confused by the question does she like me or is she just being nice. Understanding whether a girl really likes you or not is hard, but there are some ways, which can help you to find out her true intentions, without breaking the present relationship with her.

Quick questions to know does she like me or is she just being nice:

Just relax and find the answers for the questions mentioned below. The close observation will give you true answers, which will help you to get rid of your confusion and be happy with your girl.

  • Who initiates the conversation?

In normal cases, girls usually do not initiate a conversation unless she is interested in you. If she is really into you, she will keep on asking genuine, warm questions to continue the conversation with you. Observe whether she is interested to talk and mingle with other guy. If you are special, you will be the person of your focus, no matter who all try to grab her attention.  She will be always interested and curious to know more information about you and will be continuously asking you about your life.

  • Is she flirting?

If a girl is really interested in you, she will always maintain an eye contact. You can see in your eyes the affection she has for you. Closely watch her actions while talking to you like is she playing with her hair, touching her face and making funny expressions. If so then it is a clear indication that her like for you is genuine. If there is no action other than a smile while talks, then it means that she is friendly.

  • Did she like you to touch her?

Girls, who are not sexually interested in you, may feel uncomfortable when you touch them. Moving away from you or a fake smile may indicate her disinterest in you. A sexually attracted girl will not miss an opportunity to touch you. She will be finding excuses to get in touch with you, whenever possible. If a girl likes you, then even a small tap in the shoulder or an accidently touch can bring significant changes in the way she treats you.

  • Did she compliment you?

An interested girl will be always giving compliments, even if she knows you only for a few hours.  Her compliments will be sincere and you can feel it in the sparkle of her eyes. She will a good listener and will be eagerly waiting to hear from you always.

  • Does she like to discuss future activities with you?

Plans: If a girl really likes you, then she will be happy to join you in your future activities. Offer her an invitation to join you, if she happily accepts it, then it means that she likes you.

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