Decoding a Girl’s Text Messages

She may be sending subtle hints to you via text that she wants you to seriously violate her in the best way possible. On the other hand, her texts may simply be hinting that you should return your ass back to the friend zone. Honestly, what is the easiest way to tell what a girl REALLY wants? By simply decoding the girl’s text messages. Text messages and especially from girls, communicate a lot. If you are a pro like the guys behind key lock sequence, her texts give you an opportunity to have a peek into her thoughts and to know what she really wants. When you know what she is after, you will be able to manipulate her mind as described in the key lock sequence pdf and finally make her to fall in uncontrollable love with you and to badly want to sleep with you.

Scratch Your Head No More!

Here, We Lay Bare Those Twisted Texts From Her

Scratching your head day and night because you have failed to crack the woman code so that to unlock a world of endless sexual pleasure. According to key lock sequence pdf, any woman you have ever infatuated about, any woman you have a deep desire for, is yours for the taking, so long as she is not married. All this depends on you cracking the SMS code and learning to decode her text messages.

1. When She Wants You To Sleep With Her She Will Use:


When you receive a hey message from a girl that has triple y, there is a chance that she wants you to sleep with her.

Hey with a triple Y and a Wink Face

Heyyy ;-)

With this, you are definitely getting laid. Wink face used in combination with a hey with triple y is a sure-fire way to know that a girl wants you to bang her like no man has ever done before. If it has not yet reached the point that a hot girl wants you to badly sleep with her, you can always take things to the next level using the key lock sequence pdf.

  1. When Her Text Message Tells You to Be Wary


When a girl uses this word, be wary because he may actually mean the opposite of fine and you will do yourself a great favor if you find out from magnetic massaging pdf about the best way to respond to this. A girl uses this word when he feels that he is right and the guy is wrong but he just wants the conversation to come to an end. When a girl uses this word, she just wants you to stop talking about something but NOT to stop thinking about the issue in question. You need to realize she is right and apologize soon.


When a girl says, “whatever,” especially after a quarrel, you are in big soup. It is not business as usual and most likely she is disappointed and may even be thinking of making a major decision. In this scenario, you need to intervene and get to the root of the problem, before it is too late.

“Who is Nancy?”

She has done some digging and has just found that you have been texting Nancy after 10 or Nancy liked one of your photos on Facebook. When she wants to know what you have with another girl, know you are in big trouble and she is baying for blood. Do yourself a great favor: Apologize even if the only thing you have to do with Nancy is that you send her a work related email. You will need make a clean and direct break from Nancy and pray that you are never tempted to send her pictures of your dick.

3. Smileys That Girl’s Use in Messages & Their Meanings

girls text messagesA girl may use this: :) when you have genuinely made her smile. However, some girls have a habit of overusing :) , so you can’t really tell whether it is about something you said.

Winky face

It is easy to tell when a girl is flirting with you by looking out for the smiles she is using. When a girl sends a scandalous message with a winky face ( ;-) ), you can be sure she is being flirty.

Angel baby smiley

Do not let the angelic face to fool you ( 😇 ).This smiley simply means, “I am d-o-w-n to get dirty.” When she uses this, be prepared for some naughty action, the next time you will meet, and you better take the best from key lock sequence pdf, in preparation for the big day.

Crazy Hearts

When a girl uses crazy hearts ( 😍 ), she is oozing with excitement probably due to something you did to her or after a great experience the two of you have had.

Text Seduction Mastery

The first step towards text seduction mastery is learning to decode a girl’s text messages, like a real pro. Lucky for you, the hard work has already been done and all that you have to do is to read magnetic massaging pdf and key lock sequence pdf. With these two eBooks, you get prepared for your new life where getting laid is the norm rather than the exception and where your average morning is waking up next to one of the city’s hottest girls who just came to sate  her insatiable appetite for you.

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