How To Find The Answer For Does She Like Me As A Friend?

You met a girl in a party. She was beautiful and at times, you felt that she is interested in you. You talked to her and managed to get her number. After spending some time or days with her, you may begin to think of proposing her, but the thought “does she like me as a friend?” will prevent you from asking her.

This a real time situation faced by majority of the guys, which drives them crazy. Her reactions and behavior says a lot of things, but many men fail to interpret it in the right sense and keep wondering what to do.

Women always love dreaming and fantasizing, which makes it difficult for men to find out the exact feeling the woman have for them.

It is normal situation to find that you are attracted to a female friend of yours and want a romantic relationship with her. You will not be sure whether she too has the same feeling for you nor does she like me as a friend? If a girl is really into you, she will start sending signals, which can be the game changer.

You need to be smart enough to pick up the signals and interpret it in the right way. Some women prefer to remain as friends forever, but a man with the help of magnetic messaging can turn on the feelings of a woman and create an intention to go out for a date with you.


Look for the below strategies that can be a game changer

You can observe the following and find out the answer for one of the toughest question- Does she like me as a friend?

  1. Dress Code: If she is taking more time to improve her appearance, when she is going out with you, then you have a positive vibe. She is trying to draw your attention and wants to appear special for you.
  2. Change in behavior: Observe whether there is any change in her behavior. If she wants you more than a friend, then she will invite you to share the small aspects of her life, which she does not want to share with other guys. Sometimes, she may ask your advice to make a life choice. She will treat you differently as you go up in her priority ladder. Most people fail to interpret this signal as they consider it only as a step to strengthen their friendship.
  3. Availability: Does she always respond to your messages and calls. Is she always free for you? Just check it out. Always check how often she keeps on a conversation with you.
  4. Is she more flirtatious with you: If she starts flirting with you or allow you to flirt with her, then relax. It is a clear indication that she wants you to be more than a friend. Do not show your neediness and act wisely. Make her feel comfortable and do not scare her.
  5. Sensitive: Check how she responds when you with other girls. If she likes you more than a friend does, then she will interrupt your conversation with other girls, and will always try to drag your attention towards her. She will be jealous when you speak of other girls. Sometimes the reverse happens, she will be praising about other men to make you jealous.

There are simple signs that a normal man can catch, yet a number of other signs are there which only an expert can interpret. You can be an expert by using the magnetic messaging program designed by the dating expert Bobby Rio.

The key lock sequence in the magnetic messaging will help you to get the girl of your choice.

The program is well organized to teach you how to interpret the signals sent by a hot girl. It will also let you find out the answers for many questions, such as does she like me as a friend, Is she really into me, Is she being nice, etc. The program also covers tips and techniques to win the heart of any girl, easily and quickly.

The tips described in the Magnetic messaging are tested and proved to work on any women of any creed, color, or caste. No matter what you have texted the girl, you can change everything and start a new relationship with her. All the rules and texts can be applied at any stage of your relationship.

Enjoy your life and be the dream man of all hot women with the key lock sequence PDF. I will suggest you another book in influencing girls. I would recommend one of the best books I’ve ever known click and read The Tao of Badass Ebook.

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