Translate That Text- 15 Texts Girls Send & Their Meanings

Your text can seriously turn her on to the point where you will literally be the only one she will be thinking about, all day long, but only if you borrow a leaf from magnetic massaging. It all starts with translating her text; knowing what she is saying through her texts so that you can a craft a better response that will leave a positive lasting impression.

I Just Don’t Understand Women! Especially Their Texts

Oh! I just don’t understand women! Have you found yourself saying this statement time and again? The truth of the matter is that women are complicated and their text messages are even more complicated. Luckily, you can hack the female brain using key lock sequence pdf and get behind her thought patterns. Knowing what her texts mean is not rocket science.

1. Aww

If a guy says something nice to a girl, the girl may reply with an aww, an aww with a smiley, Awww, thank you! Or awww in combination with any other words.

This has nothing to do with whether a girl wants you two to be just friends or not. It is simply a way of saying thank you.

  • You tell her she is beautiful, she may reply: “aww, thank you so much.”
  • A girl may use aww as a way to complementing what you just said.
  • When you say something really nice to your girlfriend that brings out her girly side, she may say, “Awww thank you” and blush then smile.
  • A girl can say aww to whomever, even if it is to a fellow girlfriend.

2. Hey!

With the exclamation mark after hey, you may be getting laid but of course there is no guarantee unless you up your game as described in the key lock sequence pdf.

3. Hey.

Wow! This is embarrassing. When a chick is hard pressed to punctuate a hey starting with a capital H with a full stop, you need to cut your losses to avoid future embarrassment.

4. Hey

If a girl starts a conversation with a hey without any punctuation mark, it means she is uncreative or terrified. When you receive, make sure you have something to say and make the conversation as upbeat as possible.

5. Heyy

Ahh, the Double Letter, quite some prospects there. The Double Letter (Heyy), means you have a chance with a girl, but you will have to put in some work. The pros behind magnetic massaging, are of the opinion that when a girl sends you a heyy, you need to keep your answers simple and short. Keep her guessing and play hard to get. Do not ask her too many questions unless those words are relevant to fucking and are 2 words long.

6. Heyyy

Whoa! The Triple Letter! With this, the chance of fucking her is close to 90%. This opens up a door for you to sext her and is sought of consent to have sex with her. Therefore, in preparation to unlock her legs and give her an experience no man has ever given her before, you may want to know more about key lock sequence.

7. Nothing

You have texted something that requires a response and 2 days have elapsed and she has not replied. This means that she is not into you.

8. LOL

This is definitely a good sign when you are not in the friend zone. Most girls out there use LOL when they find something to be funny. Of course, there are exceptions who use LOL, for other purposes. Making a girl to have a good dose of laughter is something that will make her to be more attracted to you. Girls love funny guys. When you constantly give her those LOL moments over text or Facebook, you will find that she will always be looking forward to chat with you. At times, she may even be the one who initiates conversations.

9. Ha

She will text you, “Ha” if she does not find what you have said to be funny and wants to make it obvious.

10. Haha

She uses this when she does not find what you have said to be funny but wants to be polite.

11. Hahaha

When your text makes her to smile, she will reply with, “Hahaha.”

12. Hahahaha+

When you have sincerely made her to laugh, she will reply with this.

13. HAHA+

When something you have said is hysterical, her response will be HAHA… in CAPS.

14. I Will Be Ready In 10 Minutes

Translation: She will be done in not less than 1 hour. This is okay because it means she is getting ready to come to meet you.

15. Can I Call

When you get this text from a girl, you need to brace yourself because it is probably not something good.

Texts Girls Send & Their Meanings

Your Ultimate Dictionary of Texts Girls Send & Their Meanings

At times, there may be a deeper meaning to what a girl has texted. That is why it is advisable to have a comprehensive messaging handbook like magnetic massaging. This eBook covers everything about texting a girl like the expert boys and decoding her messages like a pro. It is simply a dictionary of the most common phrases that girls use in their conversations and every possible texting strategy you need so that to win her over. You may want to take things a step further and crack open her little world of tricks and supplant yourself as the king of her imaginations. For that purpose, you have the award winning key lock sequence pdf.

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