10 Signs She Is Flirting With You

Your crush maybe seriously into you and she maybe flirting with you subconsciously. When she is around, you can tell she is flirting just by noticing some few things such as the tone of her voice, position of her feet and other strange behaviors. So she wants desperately to be yours, she wants to fall in love with you and most importantly she wants to sleep with you. How do you keep her locked in and keep other men away? You use the key lock sequence, the number one seduction principle as explained in the key lock sequence pdf.

Does Your Crush Fancy You To The Point Of Wanting To Sleep With You?

It maybe that a girl you fancy likes you a lot to the point that she is flirting with you, yet you may not even have noticed. Girls have a way to send subtle signs when they are into someone. The earlier you notice, the quicker you can act to win her over using tips highlighted in key lock sequence pdf.

1. Constantly Touches You

The most obvious signs she is flirting with you is when she constantly touches you. Has he ever taken your hands into hers? While smiling at you, does she rub your back? When making a point, does she touch your shoulder? If there is an element of touch involved, this is a girl you should ask out and proceed to completely capture her imagination, thoughts, attention, attraction, and time using key lock sequence.

If you catch her rubbing your arm, shoulder or hand, do not resist, let it happen and you can also take and extra step and return the favor.

2. She Sends You Cute Pictures

If she sends you cute pictures she wants you think about cute things when thinking about her. Basically, she wants you to think about her more often.

3. She Sends You Song Updates

If she sends you song updates that talk about kissing, love, and other romantic matters, she is definitely flirting.

4. She Is Always Sending You Updates, Messages, Songs, Videos e.t.c

A steady stream of communication from her whether it is in the form of videos, IM chats or messages, indicates that she is seriously into you and wants you to have her constantly in your mind.

5. Constantly Trying To Get Hold of You Online

When a girl is constantly trying to get hold of you online, she wants to talk to you and welcomes the prospect of falling in love with you. Is she constantly inviting you to join online communities? This indicates that she is looking for ways you two can spend more time together.

You Catch Her Staring At You 6. You Catch Her Staring At You & She Looks Away

A girl who has a crush on you will time and again stare at you. If you catch her giving you a stare and she immediately looks away, that is a good sign. You can also know that she is definitely flirting when after catching her staring at you, she blushes and/or smiles.

7. The Tone of Her Voice

Pay attention to her voice when she is talking to you and you can tell with near certainty whether she is flirting with you. If she is talking either abnormally fast or slowly, she is nervous and chances are that she is nervous because of you. In such a scenario, you can easily win her over and you can hasten matters by messaging her like a pro as described in magnetic massaging pdf.

8. Notice her Giggles

A girl will giggle a lot when she around someone she is attracted to. If she laughs at your jokes even if they are not funny, you can rest assured that this is a girl you can easily fall in love with but only if you use the right techniques such as key lock sequence. Remember, a girl maybe attracted to you to the point where she is flirting with you. However, sustaining interest in the long run until you get her to sleep or fall in love with you is a totally different ball game that the seduction experts behind the ebook, have mustered.

9. Is She Fidgeting

You need to look out for fidgety behavior from her, when she is around you. If she does things such as playing with her phone or fixing her clothes, this is an indication that she is flirting with you and wants you to take things to the next level.

10. Head Canting

Head canting is a fancy name for the action of someone tilting his or her head to one side. When a woman tilts his head to one side and the action is accompanied by her exposing her neck, you can be sure that you have caught her attention.

If A Girl Really Likes You, Do Not Wait For Her to Tell You So

Watch Out For Signs of Flirting & ACT QUICK, do not be the slow guy

If there are signs she is flirting with you, you need to ask her out and carry out further steps to completely capture her attention, thoughts and imagination and make her yours. The keys for conquering her mind and unlocking her legs are found in key lock sequence pdf.

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