What The Hell Does She Mean

Have you ever received a text from a girl and wondered, “What the hell does she mean.” Some phrases that girls use in their texts can be quite confusing. You need to get it right especially when it comes to the phrases that girls commonly use so that you respond in the right manner.

While you are working on your texting skills and learning what to say to her, you need also to spend some time reading the key lock sequence pdf, so that to know the magical key that unlocks a world of pleasure and makes any girl to want you, need you and even crave for your attention.

10 Phrases That Girls Often Use

1. Let me think about it

When you ask a girl out and she tells you, “let me think about it,” it could mean either of the following:

  • She is really going to consider it.
  • She has a boyfriend
  • She is not that into you
  • She is not ready for a relationship
  • She has kept you in the friend zone

In this scenario, do not crash your hopes or get them up. Just wait for her response. If she does not answer within a week, it is a no.

2. I want to take it slow

If a girl says I want to take it slow, do not pressurize her because she wants to take time to know you and to love you before taking things to the sexual level.

A girl who tells you, “I want to take it slow,” is interested in being more than your friend. Precisely, she wants to fall in love with you but if you insist on hurrying her to bed, she may eventually give up. When switching with a girl like this from friendship to a relationship, you will find key lock sequence pdf to be quite helpful.

Do not pressure a girl who wants to take things slow. Let matters take their course. If you give her ample time, she will eventually figure out things and you will realize that she will fall more in love with you and she will even welcome the idea of sex.

understanding Phrases That Girls Often Use3. Umm…

When a girl uses this in a text, be sure that you have crossed a line by proposing something that she is not comfortable with. The best thing to do is to sidestep and make a joke about the issue. You need to do something that will diffuse the whole affair and change the course of the conversation.

4. LOL

This means you just made her laugh. That is a good sign and you need to keep doing what you have done.

You made her feel good and girls like men who stimulate their feel good hormones. However, a few short letters should not be validation that she is attracted to you. Key lock sequence will expose to you exactly what you should do to win her over, make her attracted to you, completely capture her attention, make her fall in love with you and finally sleep with her.

5. I Am Cold

When a girl says she is cold either she means that she is actually cold and wants your jacket or she wants you to move closer and hold her tight. If she says I am cold but actually does not want a jacket or already has one, it is a good flirting gesture. The girl is letting a guy know that she wants him to get closer and maybe cuddle her.

At times, there may be a deeper meaning to what a girl is saying. That is why it is advisable having a comprehensive messaging handbook such as magnetic massaging. This is a dictionary of every possible phrase a girl can use in her conversations.

6. Whatever

When a girl uses this, she means, “Go to hell.” You are in big trouble when your girls uses this.

7. I have nothing to wear

This actually means, “I have many fucking things to wear but I am simply overwhelmed by the choices.”

8. Seriously?

When you have gone too far, a girl can reply with Seriously? In such a scenario, you can mend the situation by replying with something like “Of course not. Where is your sense of humor?”

9. Lets go for a walk

If she says this, get you ass going, no excuses. Going with a girl, hand in hand, on a quite walk, is the most romantic thing ever and it builds attraction and triggers sexual feelings just like the key lock sequence.

key lock sequence pdf download10. What’s Up?

A girl texting you what’s up is just as good as her telling you, “Lets go for a walk.” When a girl uses this, she wants your attention. This is a good sign if you have kept yourself out of the friend zone. In simple terms, it opens a door for a lot of prospects including sex provided you play the texting game like the way the expert boys behind magnetic massaging, do it.

Play the Texting Game like a Real Pro

There is a way the pros capture the attention of the hottest women via text. That way is none other than the one enumerated in magnetic massaging. The road to capturing her complete attention using short simple texts starts by understanding the common phrases that girls usually use. In your quest for seduction mastery, a few eBooks are worth your time and effort. One of them is the key lock sequence pdf.

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