Turn her on without saying a word…

For hundreds of thousands of years…

Men had to seduce women without saying a single word.

Before spoken language even existed…

So is it practical to think that men nowadays can do the same thing, and seduce the women in their lives with just body language? The answer is yes, a lot of human communication comes nonverbally and there’s a lot that you can say with just your body.

You simply have to learn what to do, and this article is here to help you with that. Read on to learn how you can use your body language to turn on women, without saying a word…

1. Your Posture Is Important To Turn Her On

Posture is one thing that almost everyone takes note of on a subconscious level, and sometimes it’s the first thing that people notice about you. Imagine that you’re walking into a room full of women, they will make an impression of you long before you say anything.

And how would they do that? By subconsciously noting how you walk into that room, they will be looking at your posture. So what exactly is a good posture to have if you want to make a good impression, and attract women?

The key is to be confident and relaxed, whether you’re standing still or walking, these are the two things you should be trying to emulate. Try to stand up straight but keep your shoulders and arms relaxed at the same time, this will radiate quiet confidence and relaxation in your surroundings.

If you’re slouching or looking at the ground then you seem easily intimidated or at the very least, not approachable. And you want to be approachable at all times to attract women.

2. Maintain Eye Contact To Turn Her On

Eye Contact To Turn Her On

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Now this part will require a good balance but too much eye contact could be a bad thing but not enough could be a bad thing as well. If you’re staring into a woman’s eyes throughout the entire conversation or forcing eye contact then that will do the opposite of what you want. But no eye contact won’t attract her either.

What you want to do is keep eye contact with her for about half the time that you’re talking, and then keep eye contact with her about seventy percent of the time that she’s speaking. This not only shows that you’re confident enough to keep eye contact, but also displays an interest in what she’s saying.

Just make sure to stay relaxed during eye contact, if you’re uncomfortable then it shows. Confidence is everything.

3. Try To Always Be Facing Her

If it’s possible then you should try to face her during your conversations. This makes it easier to keep eye contact, and is another way to display interest in her and show that you’re into the conversation. You never want to seem like you don’t want to be there.

If you’re standing in a way where you’re partially turned away from her, or even worse, all she can is your profile then it could give off the wrong signals. As if you’re either intimidated or uninterested. So always try to angle your body to face her directly.

4. Remember To Smile

A smile is one of the best ways to communicate with people without words. A smile can do many things, put someone at ease, convey your emotions, or turn someone on..

But it can’t be just any smile, it has to be a smile that is confident, comfortable, attractive, and unique to you. It can’t be a faked or forced smile, and it can’t be an unattractive one either.

In order to perfect this smile of yours, try to practice it in front of the mirror. Try out different types of smiles. Smile widely. Smile less. Show more teeth. Show less teeth. You get the point. Just keep testing out different smiles until you find one that you’re comfortable with, and one that will make the ladies swoon.

5. Tidy Yourself Up

And I’m not talking about making yourself look nice and put together before you leave the house, although you should be doing that as well. I’m talking about fixing your shirt, straightening your tie, or running a hand through your hair while you’re talking to women.

Try to make this trick as subtle and natural as possible and don’t do it too often, but make sure that she’s paying attention when you do. By tidying yourself up in front of her, you’re showing her that you care about what she thinks of you. And if you do it just the right way then straightening out a sleeve could even look hot.

6. Touch Your Lips

This is one of the most advanced tricks in this article, but if you really want to turn a lady on then you’ll need to draw her attention to your lips. You can do this by subtly licking or touching your lips with your fingers.

You really have to be careful with this one and not be too obvious about what you’re doing, remember to act natural just like with all of the other tips. But if you do it correctly then you’ll have her concentration on your lips, and that greatly increases the chances that you’ll turn her on.

But above all else…

You must stay confident. Confidence is the trait in men that most women find the most attractive, and without confidence you’re unlikely to get the results that you want. Let your confidence show in every action that you make and you’ll have the lady of your dreams swooning in no time.

A final recommendation from me would be Kate’s body language video to turn her on.

Body Language Tips To Turn Her On