How to Know If a Girl Likes You Over Facebook

Does Your Facebook Crush Really Like You?

You stalk her Facebook profile, you stare endlessly at his Facebook profile picture and sometimes you even leave funny comments on his timeline BUT does your Facebook crush really like you? It isn’t hard to tell whether someone is into you and Facebook makes it much easier. Once you have spotted on Facebook, that she is interested, it is up to you to put extra effort and make sure to close the deal. The real stuff that has helped 96% of men to close the deal by transitioning from the point of interest to the point where a girl wants to desperately sleep with someone is key lock sequence pdf.

4 Signs You Facebook Crush Is Into You

True, your facebook crush can be so into you to the point where any time she is on Facebook, it is highly likely to find her admiring your photos or reading your posts. But, how do you know she is interested considering the fact that Facebook does not provide information about people who have visited your profile. These signs will tell you:

1. She Likes Your Posts & Photos A lot

This is a sure one. She liked your status update yesterday and today she has just liked what you have posted on Facebook, even thou it doesn’t make much sense. This is a sign that you have to do something more than just liking her status updates in return. You will have to be hitting her inbox with those flirtatious messages that will take the whole thing to the next level. However, be aware, it is not just sending her anything lest you piss her. Read Magnetic Massaging PDF to know how to message a girl like a pro. With these tips from real life seduction experts, you can be sure that you will not be given the cold shoulder.

2. When you sign in Facebook, she sends you an IM first

A girl who always IM’s you first on Facebook is deeply interested in you. It is now upon you to make her to be attracted to you and to want to sleep with you. Yeah, she is interested as it appears on Facebook but you need to lock in her interest using key lock sequence. Remember, the girl in question has probably shown interest to many other guys and since it is Facebook, many other guys have probably shown interest in her even without her showing any interest especially if she is hot. Of course, you want to sleep with the hottest girl. So you need to undercut the other guys, you need to lock in her interest before any other guy does so, you need to act like a real pro as it has been described in the key lock sequence pdf.

3. She teases you with tons of smiles

Watch out for these. One or two smiles may mean nothing. But if they just keep on coming, and in different forms, you can be sure she is up to something. Most probably, she is just giving you a hint that she is available and is interested in you.

4. She is ready to spend a lot of time chatting with you on Facebook

Rest assured, a girl will not want to spend a lot of time chatting with you on Facebook, unless she really likes you and has seen some prospects. Watch out for the late night chats that go on to midnight or even beyond, this signify that she is really deep into you and you may really need to apply one or two tactics described in the key lock sequence pdf and she will want nothing else to do with the other guys sending her winks on Facebook. Key lock sequence is not your average seduction program. It will make your Facebook crush to even suggest to you that the relationship goes out of Facebook so that both of you can be able to meet, talk, kiss and have sex.

Convert Facebook Interest to Infatuation & Finally To Hot Sex

Interest in itself will mean nothing if you do not convert it to attraction then you convert attraction to infatuation and finally it all ends in hot sex. Key lock sequence pdf will help you to move from merely being Facebook friends to the point where she is deeply infatuated with you and she is at you at your beck and call, always wondering when you will call her next, for a sleepover.

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  • Knowing all the facts that she likes me and I like her too, but I can't say the word. I am too afraid to loose her. How should I go about it?

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